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Christoffer Lindenberg

About me

Christoffer Lindenberg was born on 21 May 1990 in Söllröd (Denmark). At the age of 14, he became on of the most successful pony riders in Denmark, followed by Danish Junior Champion, European Junior VICE Champion and participating in more than 20 nation cups with the Danish Equipe.

After graduating in economics, Christoffer Lindenberg joined the famous stable of Paul Schockermöhle and not only developed his skills as a show jumper, but also gained his first valuable insights into the international equestrian sport trade. In 2014 he took over the equestrian facility in Warstein.

Personal Description

Nickname: Chris

Born : 21. Mai 1990

Residence : Warstein and Copenhagen

Hobbies: listening to music at full volume

Favorite food: Entrecôte….meat, meat, meat….

Strengths: a patient person

Weaknesses: cannot say no

Life motto: peace, love and harmony

What make me happy: happy Faces

What annoys me: Lies

Favorite Shows: Oliva Nova MET; Nörten Hardenberg