Lindenberg Sport Horses offers a wide range of carefully selected goods and services for the equestrian sport. The main areas are the horse trading, tournament preparation and the training for horses and their riders. The customer satisfaction is one of our centres of attention.

At the same time we set high value on the individual support and guidance of our customers. Our goal is to always reach the optimum.


The training is one of the most important foundation and basis for the successful equestrian sport, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced rider. Christoffer Lindenberg himself was coached by well known trainers. During the training sessions you will benefit of his diversified expert knowledge and wealth of experience. Individual training for single persons as well as for small groups is supervised personally by Christoffer Lindenberg. For further information concerning training and coaching please do not hesitate to get in contact with the team of Lindenberg Sport Hoses via Email or during a personal phone call.
Lindenberg Sport Horses stands for professionalism, confidence and know how. Tailored offers and individual consultancy complete the comprehensive service around the trading of horses. You can get a first overview of the current horses for sale under the menu item ‘horses’. Due to the wide spread network of Lindenberg Sport Horses we are happy to help you with further offers if you can’t find a suitable horse on the first glance.
The training of horses is one of Christoffer Lindenberg’s big passions. Already early in life he independently trained young horses. Well known horses like Chablis (Chacco Blue - Cannabis) and Q-Ling (Quite Easy - Carano) are representing exemplary his assortment. Christoffer Lindenberg follows the motto “the journey is the reward”. This means that during the training of the horses – of all age groups – not just the knowledge, experiences and necessary touch are essential but also the factor time is playing an important role. The horses enjoy a first class training by carefully choosing the right treatments and programmes. This leads to a successful training without unnecessary stressing the horses. The quintessences are healthy and confident horses which can keep up on highest sportingly levels.
The presentation on tournaments reflects the goals reached during the training. The horses can show and enlarge their abilities and skills under unknown and new conditions. The horses’ developments can be supervised and followed by individual training programmes. The main goal is not always the individual ranking but constant and increasing success even in competitions on highest standards.

If you are looking for a well planned and executed training for your horses including the presentation on tournament and further support Lindenberg Sport Horses is your right partner.

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